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Reziebelle Martin



I was born in an amazing city and raised in a beautiful landscape of a province. In my earliest and most precious memories are hiking, exploring the woods, watching sunset on the top of the mountain, watching the city during night. A camera never accompanied me during those moments. In 2012 I bought my first camera and a friend of mine taught me the basics of photography and in doing so he opened a door to a whole new way of seeing and appreciating the world around me, a new philosophy and way of life. I realised that up till then I merely glanced and never noticed, never fully grasped nature's beauty and meaning and its healing effect. Sitting behind camera, you understand your true place and significance in the grand scheme of things. A landscape and cityscape is something timeless and exciting for me. Photography for me means collecting experiences and memories into a photograph. Other times they just remain as images in my mind. They are equally real to me either way.

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